Thursday, August 11, 2005

Recreational Kayaks Brings Paddling To The Masses

Kayaking As A Not So Extreme Sport

If your idea of paddling is floating around the local lakes or ponds, photography or wildlife watching on slow rivers, then you may be a recreational kayaker.

Recreational kayaks make an ideal introduction to the sport of paddling. If you don't have the time to commit to paddling, but still want to get on the water, a recreational kayak is ideal. Owning a Rec Kayak can be great excercise, a fun fishing platform and immediate gratification for the inexperienced paddler.

Kayaks designed for recreational use have become a favorite among paddlers interested in a more functional kayak for everyday use. These kayaks are cheaper than whitewater kayaks, easier to transport than canoes and offer plenty of room in the cockpit area to enable freedom of movement without worrying about tipping over.

My wife and I enjoyed renting rec kayaks so much that we bought a couple for ourselves. We picked up a Heritage FeatherLite Angler at Academy Sports in Tulsa and a Perception Swifty from OKC's Bass Pro Shop. Each boat is about nine and one half feet long and cost around $400. Judging from the amount of money we spent renting boats from outfitters, we should be saving big money already!

Sadly, the purchase of these two boats have created within us a strong desire to buy a kayak trailer to haul them on...and fishing gear...and an RV...and a kayak GPS.

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