Sunday, August 14, 2005

Seen Any Pelicans in Oklahoma, Lately?

Camping and Paddling on Grand Lake
Camping on Grand Lake
Dianne and I spent last night in our little Wal-Mart tent at Pelican Landing Resort and Campground near Ketchum, OK. This was our first visit to their shaded waterfront campsites on the Grand Lake O' the Cherokees, but I think we will be back soon!

Although we didn't catch any fish, the facilities were excellent and we had loads of fun paddling around the Duck Creek section of Grand Lake. I definately want to return in September with my son, as I am told that Grand Lake is on the annual migration path for Pelicans. In fact, we may try to make it to the Grand Lake Pelican Festival September 23-25... I'll let you know if we see Pelicans!

Pelican Landing Resort occupies 1/2 a mile of waterfront on the Duck Creek arm of Grand Lake. The camping is sort of expensive at $18.50 per night for non-members, but the bathrooms and showers were very clean, well lit, and all functioning. The have a nice pool on site, ice, a clubhouse with vending machines, A/C and TV. I mention the A/C and TV because those are the letters I miss most of all while camping! We asked about the price of memberships, but it was so far beyond what we were willing to pay that I instantly forgot the actual price.

Although we paid more to camp than I ever have before, it was money well spent. Dianne and I had a blast paddling our yaks and we even enjoyed a midnight swim. Also, this was the Maiden Voyage of our new Kayak Trailer!Our New Kayak Trailer
Ok, we didn't up the $700 plus for an actual kayak trailer. I was feeling kind of cheap after investing almost $300 in getting a hitch installed frum U-Haul. However, We needed a utility trailer for some light hauling and carrying the kayaks on our small cars was becoming a pain.

A farm supplies franchise store who shall remain nameless, due to poor customer service and...well...I can't spell their name, sold us this trailer for around $400. It made the trip from Okmulgee to Grand Lake with no problems. Once we learn to back the trailer up, without removing it from the car, we should be in good shape!

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