Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Kayaking is More Than Eskimo Rolls To This Okie

An Oklahoma Author Celebrates His Love for Foldable Kayaks

My wife Dianne and I are recreational kayakers, as opposed to whitewater kayakers or sea kayaking enthusiasts. We both hope to experience every kind of paddling someday but, for today, our skill level and budget keeps us on fairly gentle rivers and local lakes...but that don't mean a guy can't dream!

In an extremely informative Klepper Kayaks article on his personal website, Chickasha Oklahoma author CB Bassity really whets my appetite to buy a Klepper and head out to sea.

A Klepper kayak is the gold standard for Foldable Kayaks. These skin and frame boats are based on an ancient design that have been carefully fine tuned over the years to produce a stable, seaworthy craft you can pack into a duffle bag, fly to the other side of the world with and paddle home in!

In his very personal and detailed article, CB Bassity describes the 17-foot boat he ordered from eBay and received via UPS. That is one portable boat! To learn more read CB's Klepper Kayaks Article or check out the book he recommends: The Complete Folding Kayaker.

Been paddling a foldable kayak in Oklahoma? Leave us a comment; we would love to hear what you think!

Klepper Kayaks


louiskline91628178 said...
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Heather said...

I haven't paddled a foldable but have considered purchasing one to keep at a family home in Alaska for when we visit.

My husband and I are also rec. paddlers with plans to expand some day.

Thomas said...

Thanks for commenting, Heather!

I'll bet Alaska has incredible paddling waters, I have an Aunt up there I need to arrange a visit with.