Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Stinchcomb Wildlife Refuge Update

I Stand Corrected.

OKC paddler Bill Becquart was kind enough to point out a few mistakes on my Stinchcomb Wildlife Refuge post.

First of all, I am told that when our distinguished legislature decided to rename one of the largest rivers in the state, they only decided to rename the 4 miles or so that go through OKC.

That actually suits me fine because I have always thought that renaming the North Canadian River was right up there with 'Freedom Fries' and 3.2 beer in the Country-but-Clueless Category. Within the Stinchcomb Wildlife Refuge and further north....it remains the North Canadian River. However, you do still need to buy the OKC boating permit.

By far, the more egregious error was in classifying the Lake Level Gage as a River Level Gage.

Bill reccomends checking the river gage at Yukon or El Reno to get a better idea on the floatablity of the North Candian River.

Anything 400 cfs or more at Yukon will be a good trip (i.e. no dragging) down the North Canadian River thru Stinchcomb and anything below 200 cfs forget it....

It takes 3-1/2 days for water released from Canton to reach Stinchcomb. -- Bill Becquart

Thanks for the tips, Bill!


Bill Becquart said...

You need to buy an OKC Boat Permit for your canoe/kayak if you plan to paddle up into Stinchcomb or if you plan to putin at El Reno or Yukon and paddle thru Stinchcomb.

Once you leave Stinchcomb & OKC(toward the NW), a OKC Boat Permit is not required

Such as if you paddle between El Reno & Yukon on the North Canadian River but to not go past Highway 4 (Piedmont Road)


Thomas said...

Thanks, I'll have to try that float, Bill!