Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Bic Sport Kayaks Introduces New Yakka Folding Kayak

BIC Sport Yakka Line of Kayaks
The new Bic Yakka a collapsible kayak with a rigid hull. Setup is simple. Just click over the release hasp and unfold. Then, inflate the stabilizing upper bladder with the included air pump. It takes only minutes.

Folded, the Yakka measures only 59 inches, and weighs only 44 pounds. A convenient transport wheel and easy grip handle make it as easy to transport as a large suitcase. - BicSportKayaks.com

The Yakka range was designed for those with limited storage space for a kayak yet seeking a lifetime sport that enhances both cardiovascular and muscle health. Sounds cool to me!

Bic Yakka 80 Kayak 2009 - 9ft-4in/Red
The Bic Yakka is a folding hardshell kayak.
This unique folding kayaks looks perfect for hatchback kayakers.

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