Monday, November 14, 2005

Landed and Stranded - Another Dry Weekend

We scouted out two new launch points to paddle the Deep Fork River this Saturday. Sadly, forces beyond our control prevented us from kayaking for yet another weekend. This was a huge disappointment to both Dianne and I. We have both had some heavy duty work related stress for the last couple weeks and could have really used benefited from some time on the water.

Now we are stuck at home for another week shopping for Paddling PFD's and watching kayaking videos.

Hopefully, we can find time next weekend to paddle this bit of Deep Fork, get some pictures and add another Oklahoma Kayak Launch location to the list.

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Daved Brosche said...

Sorry you guys haventbeen able to paddle yet. Me being a photographer and this being the busiest time of year I wont really have a chance to paddle for another month or two. Nothing big anyways. I hope you guys get to paddle soon. Take an extra stroke for me!

Thomas said...

My day job is in corporate tech support and this time of year it seems all of the project deadlines arrive at the same time.

Maybe Di and myself will be able to sneak away after Thanksgiving for some cold water paddling. I hear Arkansas has water...