Thursday, November 10, 2005

Oklahoma City May Create Kayakers Play Spot

Engineers to Investigate Site of Proposed OKC Whitewater Park

City's all over the US are getting on the bandwagon to develop their local water resources into local revenue sources by building whitewater play parks. Since Oklahoma City has been working for years to make their city more attractive to young urban professionals, creating more urban kayaking options is a natural choice. On that subject, there is a bit of good news from the Oklahoma City Outdoor Network.

As of Nov 7, 2005, thanks to a lot hard work of people within the OKC-ON, Oklahoma City will be hosting the engineers from Recreational Engineering and Planning sometime in January to work on the conceptual plan for OKC's Whitewater Play Park on the Oklahoma River.

OKC-ON is a great organization, I wish them the best of luck in their efforts!

Oklahoma City Outdoor Network OKC-ON


Daved Brosche said...

I agree. whitewater parks are such a good thing for any community. I have only had a chance to paddle one but it was fun as could be. I hope your park turns out great. Maybe I will get to paddle it in a few years.
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Thomas said...

Thanks for stopping by Daved!