Saturday, December 03, 2005

Ouachita River Park Benefit Whitewater Video

Kayaking T-Shirt and Whitewater Video To Support Ozark Area Paddling

The Corps of Engineers recently announced that the 404 permit was approved to construct the whitewater improvements for the planned Ouachita River Park. The Arkansas Canoe Club (ACC) still needs help to ensure it can be completed. Click the link for more information: A key funding source has been a local whitewater kayaking video produced by their members called: Arkayakansas.

The name maybe a little tricky, but the video is really a blast. It is well worth the money and for a great cause, I've watched it more times than Spike's Kayak Fishing video and that is a lot of replay! You see some of the coolest kayaking spots in the Natural State paddled vigorously to the mean sounds of electric guitars. No time for fishing on these trips, just sliding down one mountain stream after another and doing wild creek rodeo tricks. It made me want to buy a playboat. Now they have sweetened the deal. Check this out:

To celebrate the permit and continue the progress, the price for ARKAYAKANSAS has been reduced to $20.00 just in time for the holidays and they will even throw in a Ouachita River Park T-shirt! You can order your own copy of this rockin' whitewater kayak video produced by our neighbors in Arkansas here:

I think I'm going to buy another copy of ARKAYAKANSAS to give as a gift, so I can get one of those t-shirts...and to help out the ACC.

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