Tuesday, February 14, 2006

FuddGate - Cheney Models Gun Safety

Redneck Enough for a Mullet, But Made for a NeoCon

I think that outdoor sports are one of the things that make Oklahoma a place worth living in. However, I also think that some of the cruel and thoughtless so-called sports like dog fighting, chicken fighting, dynamite fishing and road hunting are abominations. Have you heard about what folks are now calling Fudd-gate?

Fuddgate - VP Dick Cheney shoots 78 year old Harry Whittington, sending a member of his own hunting party to intensive care. A witness reported that Mr. Whittington had stepped away from the hunting party and had come back up without announcing himself. That might only rate a smack here in Oklahoma, but when in Texas...

Reading the news articles on Fuddgate, it would appear that the party was not hunting so much as 'road-hunting' (driving down the road and shooting whatever jumps up), when the incident occurred. My father told me that it was a shameful practice. I would be surprised if any real sportsman would want his participation in such an activity exposed.

The landowner's account said 'They got out of their car and went to flush a covey of quail.' That's when, at 30 yards' distance, the Vice President er... bwasted Mr. Whittington.

No doubt time constraints prevented the traditional pre-shooting debate over Rabbit Season/Duck Season.

Luckily for the VP, the Secret Service refused to let the local law enforcement talk to Cheney at all. The local sheriff was even kind enough to make a statement that no alcohol was involved, despite never going to the scene. No alcohol! Surely, that is one for the Road Hunting Record Books!

Is it news? Well, Aaron Burr was the last sitting vice president to shoot a man. He killed Alexander Hamilton in 1804...note which one of them is on U.S. currency today.

Although vice presidents usually only attend funerals, by now we should probably expect a more supply-side approach to death from this administration. However, if Dick Cheney tells you to 'Be vewy, vewy quiet!' you may want to think twice.

It is no wonder that some are saying that:

Harry Whittington's predicament threatens to become a metaphor of what's happened to America under Bush/Cheney. Profound injury has been inflicted on us. The damage could worsen at any moment. And the only response from those responsible is silence, arrogance and misdirection. -- Marty Kaplan on http://www.huffingtonpost.com/

The Owner's ego is greatest threat to gun safety.

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1 comment:

Matisse Enzer said...

I'm guessing that Mr. Cheney should be charged, at leasrt, with possible violation of two of the Four Rules of Gun Safety: Always be aware of your target and what is behind it, and Never point your weapon at something you are not willing to destroy.

If Mr. Cheney didn't know where all the other members of the hunting party were, he had no business firing at anything, and if he did know, then how did this happen?