Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Our Heritage Angler Kayak Gets an Upgrade

Heritage Angler Spray Skirt
Heritage Angler Spray Skirt,
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One of the many reasons we were so keen to paddle our own boats this weekend was the arrival of the ultimate in paddler's apparel...a spray skirt. After much searching we found an online source for some fairly inexpensive Kayaking Spray Skirts and Cockpit Covers and ordered one for our Perception Swifty. However, we couldn't figure out which size of spray skirt would fit our fishing kayak. Luckily, we found one that was made for our Heritage kayak on sale at eBay.

Of course, since the spray skirt for the Perception Swifty was from a big corporation, they scheduled a delivery for some time in the future. I will let you know when it arrives. Since the eBay seller of our Heritage Angler Kayak spray skirt was working for himself...his product arrived via U.S. Mail last Friday.

We realize that the Illinois River is not the kind of river that anyone would 'need' a spray skirt. However, we wanted to check the fit and see if it would work on the Swifty. At the end of our day of paddling from Riverside Resort down to War Eagle Landing, I had about half a cup of water from paddle splash in the bottom of my kayak. Dianne's Angler was bone dry inside and although it was a warm and sunny day, the black spray skirt didn't make the boat hot or uncomfortable.

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