Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Best Paddling Fun in Oklahoma - LMF River

Oh, that Water is Cold!
Oh, that Water is Cold!,
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Although the float trip is less than five miles in length, Broken Bow's Lower Mountain Fork River offers the best paddling trip in the state. Learn how to paddle on the Illinois River...learn why on the Mountain Fork River. Here are the Top Ten things that have led me to conclude that the LMF River is the best paddling river in Oklahoma.

1. It is well supplied with outfitters, shuttle providers, cabins and camping sites.

2. The Lower Mountain Fork River is very near both Texas and Arkansas making its scenery unique an unlike other areas in Oklahoma.

3. The Lower Mountain Fork River's water level is consistently right for good paddling - throughout the summer when everything else is bone dry.

4. The waterfalls are just big enough to be fun paddling, but small enough to let the wife and kids give it a try.

5. No portages.

6. Fly fishing for trout is good.

7. The water is clear enough to see the fish swimming below you.

8. Local hotels are cheap and many have free broadband available. My day job is 90% remote access and my wife's gig is even more internet-dependent, so this is important to both of us.

9. Broken Bow, though small, does have both a Wal-Mart and a McDonald's just a few minutes drive from the river. So we pack light.

10. The Lower Mountain Fork River gets its cold water and good current from a hydroelectric generating dam. Since hotter days increase the electricity needs in the area, paddlers and residents both end up with the 'current' they need.

Paddling the Lower Mountain Fork River is a gas! The water stays very cold all year around. If you don’t relish the idea of having your family see your “Oh-Face” then I advise you to pick up a spray skirt for your kayak. I used one this weekend for the first time and I can tell you that it prevented me from taking a swim on several occasions!

Spray Skirts for Kayaks
Kayak Spray Skirts

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