Friday, June 09, 2006

Kings River Life-is-Good Landmark

Things got pretty busy on my day job these last few weeks. My Boss took a well-deserved vacation that has left me struggling to fill his shoes and Dianne has been upgrading our home network. This has left both of us tragically landlocked for the last couple weeks. I am hoping we can get out on some water again on Father's Day weekend, but until then we will have to get by on pictures and memories.

The photo with this posting is a recent one from our great trip down the Kings River near Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Anyone familiar with the popular line of Life is Good - Paddling T-Shirts should be able to recognize Jake, the smiling face that adorns the rocks just up river from Riverside Resort and Canoes on Hwy 62.

I just had to snap a picture of it because it totally caught us by surprise. Paddling up to meet Jake was like unexpectedly meeting up with an old friend on the water. Dianne and I buy paddling t-shirts as souvenirs from just about every place we can. Many of them aren't real original, but I love them all because wearing them takes me back to the river.

We had a river map with us that listed the 'Life is Good' landmark, but that was mostly for use in the event of an emergency. We ignored the map completely until we were back in Oklahoma. Next time I'm in the area I think I may ask around about that painting. I am curious as to whether it is advertisement or graffiti. Did the outfitter down the river commission it? How long has it been there?

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