Friday, June 23, 2006

Will OSRC Make the Illinois River Go Dry?

According to KOTV, there is a move to prohibit alcohol on all on state-controlled areas of the Illinois River in eastern Oklahoma.

The river is well known throughout Oklahoma as popular summertime spot for tens of thousands of people who swim, fish and float on rafts and canoes. Many of these Saturday paddlers consider their beers to be the most precious cargo in their boats!

The Oklahoma Scenic Rivers Commission will consider whether to create the alcohol ban on the areas of the river they control because of 'a series of problems' that occured during the Memorial Day weekend.

The measure would not affect canoe operators' right to sell alcohol or allow consumption on their property.

Banning Alcohol On The Illinois River - KOTV - 6/21/2006 12:13 PM

This should get the college kids involved in the local political process, eh?

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gandalfwz said...

An alcohol ban on the river is probably a good idea. Not that I'm against a beer etc. from time to time... but I sure hate to see the debris spoil the river for everyone. In addition, I've seen way too many bad results when the words 'Pass me another brew' are followed by the words 'Hey... WATCH THIS!!!' Maybe there should at least be designated areas for consumption along the river where folks can safely quench their thirst AND properly stow their cans.

Thomas said...

I agree with you, gandalfwz and to be honest this posting was a bit misleading. Although, I have been known to consume some alcohol in my time, I never take it on the river. Dianne and I try hard to leave nothing but footprints.

It is my understanding that the alcohol ban would only apply to state operated areas such as Peavine Public Access and No Head Hollow.

Floaters are still likely to be beer-powered for the foreseeable future.