Thursday, July 06, 2006

Dylan and Dad Canoe The Kings River

Dylan and Dad Canoe Kings River
Dylan and Dad Canoe Kings River,
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Occasionally, we park the kayaks and go canoeing. The Kings River near Eureka Springs, Arkansas is an excellent Oklahoma road trip for those who love to canoe. Clear water and lovely scenery abound on this well outfitted and easy to paddle river.

Mostly, I have to enjoy this activity with my son Dylan, as Dianne prefers to paddle solo. She rented a kayak for this trip. Considering the fact that I flipped the canoe over about three seconds from the launch on our first canoe trip, it is little wonder that she is reluctant to share my boat. Don't even ASK about our experience in a tandem kayak.

I've traveled about a bit in my time
And of troubles I've seen a few
But found it better in every clime
To paddle my own canoe.

My wants are few. I care not at all
If my debts are paid when due.
I drive away strife in the ocean of life
While I paddle my own canoe.

I love our kayaks, but I think I might like to own a canoe as well. For me, kayaks and canoes are kind of like trucks and cars. A kayak is quick, nimble and very responsive, however they are less than ideal for carrying either cargo or passengers. My favorite thing about a kayak is the ease of paddling upstream. The ability to paddle upstream, if the water isn't too shallow means we can paddle without arranging shuttles.

Although kayaking tends to draw a younger demographic, it is still a lifelong sport that anyone can get into. It's a sport anyone can enjoy, because it's not about strength, it's about technique.

A canoe is primarily driven by the paddler sitting in the back of the boat. The paddler sitting in the bow (front) of the boat is then free to take pictures, make sandwiches, fish or whatever. Also, canoes tend to be longer than kayaks and they ride a little higher in the water. Finally, I think that canoes are a bit easier to get into and out of without an 'incident'.

"Everyone must believe in something. I believe I'll go canoeing". - Henry David Thoreau

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