Monday, September 25, 2006

Camping at Gentry Creek on Eufaula

Gentry Creek Sunset
Gentry Creek Sunset,
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My boss is out of town this week, so pardon my lack of posting while I try to fill his shoes. This weekend Dianne and I returned to Eufaula Lake for some RV camping at Gentry Creek campground. We were lucky enough to catch some nice weather and enjoy tour choice of campsites. Gentry Creek closes up for the season at the end of October. These days it is practically empty.

The RV sites at Gentry Creek campground are mostly asphalt and rather narrow but shady and clean. Expect to have some leveling issues on a large RV. Hookups are water and electric only and most sites have a BBQ grill, fire ring and picnic table.

One feature Dianne and I look for in a camping spot is not listed in most guide books. We call it 'distance to Wal-Mart'. Gentry Creek campground boasts a very respectable 12-mile rating on the Distance to Wal-Mart Scale. This came in handy when we realized that the campsite we picked was too far from the water hydrant for our hose to reach. If you go to Gentry Creek during the summer, you may want to bring a hose splitter as well, since some hydrants are shared over mutliple sites.

The lake water was extremely wavy on this section of Eufaula this weekend. We had a fun trying to time our strokes with the waves to make the paddling easier. Large waves on Eufaula Lake can surprise you, so wear a PFD. (I didn't but it was hot OK? ) At sundown we got some pretty cool photographs, as usual you can check a few of them out on Flickr tagged 'Gentry Creek'.

Many fishermen in my family enjoy this part of Eufuala due to the ease of catching shad for bait. I like it for the starry nights and the power line poles that seem to grace the background of all my pictures taken there. They make it easier to keep the horizon level.

A friendly reader was kind enough to email me this week describing a trip he and his wife made down the less traveled portion of the Lower Mountain Fork River. It is a trip Dianne and I never seem to find time to take when we are in the Broken Bow area. It is described as a flatwater float, but he said they managed to find a thrill or two...and much more wildlife! I have to get down there soon, but I think I maybe going to the Illinois River this weekend.

-- Keep Paddling

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