Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Is That a Billabong in Your Shorts?

The increased availability of cool, comfortable, quick drying, synthetic fabrics has led to dramatic improvements in swimsuit technology. I recently switched from years of buying cheap, cotton Wal-Mart swimsuits with the net inside to modern boardshorts. Let me tell you my fanny could not be more pleased with the change. For me, this is the end of a condition I call 'Swimsuit Waffle-Butt'.

Simply put, sitting on your butt for several hours on perpetually wet bit of nylon net is likely to cut down on your paddling time.

Major brands of boardshorts that are currently popular include: Billabong, Quiksilver, Reef, ONeill, and Lost. Most swimsuit manufacturers and many designer brands now produce boardshorts, but you have to be careful. Cheaper boardshorts are often little more than extra long versions of regular swimsuits.

Originally popularized by surfers and wakeboard riders, boardshorts offer many compelling features beyond their extra length.

The Billabong Boardshorts from Swell that I recently purchased, hold their same shape and color when wet or dry. They drip dry ultra-fast and they feel great against the skin as they wick away moisture. The best part was saying goodbye to the nylon net. This is critical when you spend hours on your butt in the boat.

My pair even came with this cool little logo-bearing surfboard wax removal tool (and bottle opener) that you see above. I will probably never use it, however, the surf wax comb was attached to the inside pocket of the shorts via a small elastic lanyard. I have already started using it to hold my keys. That is a feature that is as handy here in Oklahoma paddling a river as it is Hanging Ten in California.


Babs said...

What an awesome post! I truly laughed out loud and was informed at the same time.

I'll have to think about getting Hubby a pair (wouldn't want him to suffer from "waffle butt").

Thomas said...

Thanks for stopping by Babs!
I had to look for quite a while to find a pair that wasn't wildly decorated. Here's a link to the style I picked:

Men's Rising Sun Platinum Boardshort