Friday, September 01, 2006

Wine Festival in Oklahoma Sept. 16, 2006

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Bad Weather Rising,
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2006 Harvest Festival at Nuyaka Creek Winery

Come on out and join the Jones family for our 2006 Oklahoma Wine Festival. Twice a year we gather together we our friends and vineyard supporters to celebrate the bounty of the annual grape harvest. Come taste the wide variety Oklahoma wines Dad has released from the cellar this year.

EVENT: September Harvest Festival
DATE: September 16, 2006 Noon until 7:00 PM
ADMISSION: Buy one $5.00 souvenir wine glass and taste all of the great Oklahoma wines
INFORMATION: Call the Nuyaka Mall at 918-756-8485 or visit us on the web to see our winelist and print the map to Nuyaka Creek Winery.

In addition to enjoying the usual live music, fun food and wine tasting, take some time to have Dad show you the vineyard. He is always happy to answer questions from budding winemakers and grape growers, sometimes he even has some wine grape plants to sell!

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Babs said...

I'm so glad I didn't miss this announcement. I'll talk to Hubby to see if we can make it.

Thomas said...

Dianne and i will both be working the festival. I hope we see you there!