Monday, October 30, 2006

North Canadian River Paddling

North Canadian River
North Canadian River,
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We headed out looking for vivid displays of Fall color in the rapidly changing foliage in our area.

Saturday, we took a sunset paddling trip onto Okmulgee Lake, the trees are really bursting with color there now. Now that summer is over officially the traffic at the lake has really slowed down.

Sunday, we headed back to the Pierce, Oklahoma area to paddle the North Canadian River. The weather was glorious and the current was faster than our last trip here. The fall color is just starting to show on the sandy, willow-lined banks of this seldom paddled river.

We saw three beavers and several waterfowl very close up and had a close encounter with the ultimate anti-kayak. See my Flickr Photos for more details on the Anti-kayak.

Finding great fall color anywhere? Drop us a comment!

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