Sunday, January 28, 2007

Road Hawking When It's Too Cold to Paddle

Another Fence Sitter
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The recent cold weather has kept Dianne and I off the waters, but we still manage to have some fun outdoors. One thing we like to do when we can't go paddling is a little novice birding. Since our home near Okmulgee is rather rural, we can see a wide variety of bird life right outside our door. When the birds in the yard can't hold our interest, we drive around the back roads and do some hawking.

Hawks, owls, falcons and other birds of prey can be easily spotted perched in treetops and on fence posts along most country roads in our area. Since neither of us know anything about bird identification, we often end up posting our pictures to Flickr Groups like: Oklahoma Wildlife, The Bird Identification Help Book or Birds of Prey.

Naturally, our raptor pictures don't equal those of some of the pro photographers on Flickr. Many of them sport better camera's and lenses or shoot from more exotic locations like Alaska, but Dianne and I have a blast hunting hawks with our little Digicam.

Over time, we have even come to learn a few things from more experienced Flickr bird watchers. Eventually, we may even brach out into Digiscoping or something. Digiscoping is the practice of using a digital camera in conjunction with a spotting scope. I have seen some pretty amazing shots made this way, but for today we will stick with our super zoom camera's. Seen any cool raptors in your neck of the woods lately?

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It's me, T.J. said...

I'm praying for better weather too!

I was wondering...

Can kayaks double as sleds?


Thomas said...

Yes. I've seen internet videos of folks using whitewater kayaks as sleds. Recreational kayaks like ours wouldn't be ideal due to the length...whitewater kayaks are a few feet shorter.
Here's a link if you would like to see for yourself:

Paul B Kelley said...

I'm new to the kayak livestile. I live in Edmond and wish to get instruction for both me and my daughter. Are there any clubs or organizations locally (OKC metro area) that we could look into?
Paul Kelley
809 Brett Drive
Edmond,OK 73013
341-8665 (home)

Thomas said...

Thanks for your comment, Paul! Kayaking in Oklahoma has been great to me. I'm glad it is spreading.

You are lucky in that there are a few great organizations to help you out.

1. The OKC Outdoor Network -

2. The Red Dirt Paddlers - Oklahoma's own ACC branch -

3. The Arkansas Canoe Club - Since paddling is a much more established industry in Arkansas than in Oklahoma or the other surrounding states, many Okies join the ACC. -

Also, keep an eye on our blog for breaking news on this rapidly growing activity in Oklahoma!

I hope this helps!