Friday, January 12, 2007

Watching Wildlife in Oklahoma

We Failed to Surprise Two Deer
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Rod Foster from Elephant Rock Nature Park near Tahlequah left us a comment on the blog asking us to let everyone know that the Bald Eagles have arrived and can be viewed from the bluffs along the Illinois River at Elephant Rock. Rod also reports seeing two HUGE elk recently along Highway 10.

As longtime Oklahoma birders know, winter is the best time for eagle watching in Oklahoma. This time of year the traffic on the Illinois River gets very light and this always improves the environment for wildlife viewing. Grab that new digital camera you got for Christmas and head over to Elephant Rock Nature Park. The feeling you will get from capturing photos of an Oklahoma elk, eagle or osprey is one you won't soon forget...and a night in one of the Foster's luxury forest yurts would be the perfect conclusion.

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