Monday, February 12, 2007

NEW - OKC Outdoor Network Blog

New Oklahoma Paddlers Resource

I often get emails from OKC area residents looking for places that offer kayaking opportunities. Since Dianne and I only get up to that area a couple times a year, we always direct them to the OKC Outdoor Network. The Oklahoma City Outdoor Network gives people who camp, hike, rock climb, canoe, kayak, cycle, mountain bike and walk a way to make new like-minded friends. Their website at: offers a wealth of paddling advice and news about the Oklahoma adventures their members find.

Now, the Oklahoma City Outdoors Network has a blog and RSS feed you can subscribe to. Newsfeeds offer a great way to follow the changes on a website without constantly returning to the site or filling your inbox. If you use a blog aggregator to read news feeds like I do, this is very good news!

Stop by and see their site soon at:, it is informative for anyone from the Oklahoma area and especially useful for OKC area outdoors enthusiasts.

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Were you outside this week-end?

The weather has turned around a bit.

I'm working on a term paper and I was wondering if you could help me out.

I've posted some polls on my blog and I am needing some more respondents.

Would you mind dropping by and answering the questions? I'm going to use the results in my term paper.

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Your readers are welcome to as well.

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