Friday, February 23, 2007

Oklahoma Water Supply At Risk!

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This legislative session, scenic river supporters will have to be very alert for bad legislation that could weaken water quality rules and/or scenic river protections.

Senate Bill 709 defines animal waste as nonhazardous. It now is headed for a Senate vote as detailed below.

Letters to your legislators are need now to prevent this bill from being passed. To contact your legislators, go to

Please ask your senators to vote NO on SB 709. This measure is not necessary. Its purpose is to weaken Oklahoma's clean water lawsuit against the out of state poultry companies.

Animal manure in the huge quantities produced by poultry farms is a hazard to our water and to your health. Animal manure used in rates that crops can actually use is not the target of Oklahoma's lawsuit. Arguments that animal shows will be curtailed if this law is not passed are scare tactics.

State and Federal laws do not prohibit the normal agricultural use of animal waste as fertilizer. However, massive corporate controlled poultry farms produce huge amounts of untreated waste…the equivalent of 10.7 million additional people in the Illinois River watershed. These farms are not Grandpa’s chicken yard. Poultry waste contains dangerous E. coli bacteria, arsenic, heavy metals, growth hormones, and antibiotics that get in our drinking water.

Alter courtesy of Save the Illinois River (STIR). A citizens group dedicated to educating, engaging, and empowering Oklahomans to protect and preserve the Illinois River, its tributaries, and Lake Tenkiller.

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