Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Barn Swallows on Deep Fork Bridge

Dianne and I went for a brief bit of paddling at the new Deep Fork River boat ramp location this weekend. We found the entire bottom of the new bridge covered with bird nests. The nest are teaming with life and there are hundreds of them.

When you paddle beneath the bridge, they fly up and flit around excitedly until you paddle away from their community of nests. Dad says they are likely to be Barn Swallows and they just make a great fishing spot even better!

We had to cut the trip short do to discovering a small hole in the molded skeg on the bottom of Dianne's Heritage Angler Kayak.

I emailed the address on the maker's website and they responded in the same day. They have sent me the instructions on making the repair and materials are on the way...FREE! That is customer service that can turn a disaster into a testimony.

Thinking of buying yourself a Recreational Kayak for Fishing and Photography? Dianne still loves her 9.5 foot Heritage Featherlite Angler Kayak and Amazon.com is offering them now if you can't find one at Academy Sports in Tulsa.

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