Sunday, June 03, 2007

Blue Twilight Paddling at Dripping Springs

Blue Twilight Paddling
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We hauled sand rock in to build up the banks at our river lot today, but yesterday I got to catch the sunset at Dripping Springs Lake.

Clovis Point is quite near our home so we sneak out there often to grill dinner and paddle the lake. The trick is to paddle out a couple hours before the sunset begins and then chase the light back to the place you started.

For Oklahoma kayakers, the drowning trees on the lake provide vital protection from speeding boats and PWC. The hidden slender arms of trees just beneath the water's surface snatch at boat props but offer little danger to the paddle. Maybe it is because a tree can aspire to become a boat paddle, but never a boat prop.


Mom said...

Beautiful Shot!

Thomas said...

Thanks, Mom!
Dianne and I really enjoy kayak photography and our recent trips to Dripping Springs Lake have been very rewarding. It has given me a new love for what lies in my own backyard.