Thursday, June 07, 2007

Kayaking, Photography and Flickr

Sunset Boat Wake
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Kayaking, Photography and Flickr have given me a new love for my home state. Of course, I mean recreational kayaks, not the adrenaline fueled, whitewater variety. Oklahoma is a fine state for recreational kayaking.

Dianne and I decided to try recreational kayaks instead of a canoe when floating down the Illinois River a couple years ago. We loved the fun of solo paddling and we needed to get outside more, so paddling seemed like a perfect fit. A trip to the Lower Mountain Fork River in Broken Bow, Oklahoma convinced us to buy our own boats, but it was Flickr that really got me hooked.

Flickr is an online photo sharing community that is highly populated with talented photographers willing to share their knowledge. Through comments from my Flickr Friends I've learned to take much nicer photos. More importantly, I have learned to see more beauty around me.

I've learned that an area that seems ugly and dull can come alive for a brief window and display a secret beauty only known to the few that are there to see it. I've learned composition tricks and to look for framing elements, patterns and contrast. These lessons, that I owe to help from my Flickr Friends, got me more and more interested in taking pictures.

Taking pictures more often also helped me realize that I was doing all my paddling after Lunchtime and before Dinner. These are the worst hours for photography. By planning my paddling trips with this in mind, I have enjoyed kayaking more than ever before.

For me, Kayaking, Photography and Flickr blend like rich coffee, sweet sugar and creamy milk. Separately, I would have only a small interest in any of the three, but together they are...MAGIC!


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I've noticed!

Your photos are getting to be very professional looking!



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Thanks, are too kind!