Sunday, June 24, 2007

Pasture Paddling at DFWR

Pasture Paddling
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The strangely wet summer we are enjoying this year in Oklahoma has created new paddling opportunities. A small lake has formed in what used to be pasture in the White Oak Area of Deep Fork Wildlife Refuge. If you're in the area, while the water is up, it is pretty fun paddling.

I assumed the water would be quite shallow, but it appeared to be well over 5 feet high in most parts. Paddling through these pastures and pecan groves feels real swampy, but I love it. If there is one thing the sport of summer kayaking needs, it is more shade!

Today, we got on the water long past the best morning light and too long before the sunset. However, I needed the excercise and the water was there. Dianne sat this one out as we are waiting for some plastic welding rod to repair a hole in the Heritage Angler kayak.

The White Oak Area of DFWR offers a level gravel parking lot of ample size and even a handy pile of gravel, just above the water, for Slide-Launching kayaks...very fun! I saw several herons and some kind of small bird that was diving in and out of the water. Sadly, I wasn't close enough to get a picture of it.

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