Monday, July 09, 2007

Current Kayaking Conditions Are Cool!

Summer Cedar
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This weekend the water flow down our little section of the North Canadian River slowed down enough for me to do some solo paddling. I even managed a side trip to DFWR on Sunday.

The North Canadian River is still very high, which is great for us because our river access spot normally has a steep bank making landing and launching very difficult. However, at it's current level it is a perfect spot to launch out and catch the sunrise or sunset. Landing is also a breeze due to some sandstone we recently arranged.

Saturday, after the lawn work, I paddled out around 7pm, just in time to catch some fantastic light. The tree photo here is basically right out of the camera. I got some nice pictures of the rocks as well. So many big catfish were rolling to make me wish I had brought a fishing rod.

The recent strange weather has made for some very nice sunsets and it is easy to find water these days. Sunday, I met up with Bill at DFWR White Oak Area where the water is dropping pretty fast.

Bill is a real nice local guy who saw some of our pictures on Flickr and we got to chatting about kayaks, photography and stuff. He took my Perception Swifty out into Thousand Acre Lake for a test paddle. He takes some killer shots with his Nikon D80 . I gotta get me one of those!

The Illinois River is at ideal paddling depth so I am trying to get Dianne to agree on a weekend trip up that way. I am hoping to find some overnight lodging that would allow us to get on the water early enough to catch the good light.

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