Thursday, July 12, 2007

Riverside Sunsets and Insane Thrill Rides

Riverside Sunset
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One of the things I really like about paddling is that is offers something for everyone. As for myself, I enjoy the occasional bit of fast water, but I really prefer chasing sunsets across glassy waters. I'll get my excitement in the mail from Blockbuster Online. Profit - The Complete Series is now on DVD with bonus episodes. This trippy little dark comedy /suspense series was way ahead of its time with its spot-on insight into the modern corporation. It was little surprise that companies like P&G found other vehicles to sell their soap so quickly.

Rapids tend to get water on my lens, but other folks demand more excitement in their lives and technology is always there to deliver. Case in point: The Jet Kayak.

Waterfall jumper Shaun Baker and his engineering friend Andy Selway crammed a 45 horse power motor and a Yamaha jet ski impeller into a kayak. The modified impeller forces water through it's body to push the kayak to a maximum 35mph.

See the Jet Kayak video from UK show Top Gear on YouTube to see what a 35mph kayak really looks like.

As I said...something for everyone.


Anonymous said...

Jet Kayaking ????
Check this out...

Bill Becquart

Natasha said...

Lovely site, really interesting content. My cohorts and I should try kayaking sometime, huh? =)

Thomas said...

Thanks, for visiting, Tasha! I like your site, too!

I recently discovered your cool site about Tulsa. I plan to be a repeat visitor because Dianne and I travel to Tulsa pretty regularly on business. Although I have lived in Tulsa briefly and worked up there for years, the community is so large and diverse that it would take a lifetime to get to know it well.

You and your crew should definately give kayaking try, the Illinios River is perfect now if you can miss the rain! For some reason that river isn't flooded like most of our other Sooner state rivers.

I am eager to learn about what kayaking options are available in T-Town.

I haven't checked out the Tulsa Wave Park yet but it is high on my list...if I can just figure out how to get there! Since it is a whitewater attraction, we will probably leave our boats at home and visit with camera's alone!

There is also a small water park just outside Tulsa on Highway 412 that I would like to check out.