Thursday, August 09, 2007

Oklahoma to Gut River Level Monitoring Funds

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After a Year of Record Flooding in Oklahoma

Oklahoma paddlers have recently received notice that the river flow gauges on many of Oklahoma most scenic rivers will be shut down in August due to lack of state funds to keep them operational.

This really hurts Oklahoma canoe and kayak paddlers who need to know the river level before planning a river trip and it is no boon to public safety either. Outfitters like, Tom at K-River Campground will also have trouble giving recommendations for safe canoe trip scheduling. The amount of money the state will save is tiny and it will really damage a lot of small Oklahoma toursim business operators.

If you want to help out just send an email to your state representative. For the Kiamichi River area it is R.C. Pruett, at Our state representatives need to push for state funding for these gauges.

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