Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Al Launches Flatwater Paddlers Oklahoma

You may have read some of the recent kayaking trip reports sent in from Al Want an OKC area paddling enthusiast. Now, Al has gone out and setup an interesting new Yahoo! Group for Oklahoma area flatwater paddlers. Here's Al's description of the new group:

"...a member-run group dedicated to those interested in canoing and kayaking the gentler rivers and other bodies of water NOT categorized as extreme whitewater. The group has no membership fees and the only requirement is that you occasionally leave the comfort of your sofa and join others in the enjoyment of outdoor paddling. It's a great way to grow social contacts and have some outdoor fun at the same time. In addition, the group will serve as a source of shared information to help build skills and coordinate activities. Most importantly of all, this is YOUR group. Join in and help promote RECREATIONAL paddling in our area."

That sounds pretty good to me, so I joined up! If you are interested in joining try the link below:

Click here to join flatwaterpaddlersoklahoma
Click to join flatwaterpaddlersoklahoma

... or search for Flatwater Paddlers Oklahoma on Yahoo Groups.


yakker said...

I logged onto the flatwater paddlers board and read some of the messages. It looks like a fun group of kayakers and I appreciate your suggestion. I am sure it will mean more floats and the opportunity for contributing to Oklahoma Roadtrips around Oklahoma.


Thomas said...

Thanks for stopping by Yakker, it is always great to hear that someone reads the blog. Hope to see you on the water soon!