Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sahoma Lake and Pretty Water Lake Kayaking

Little But Lovely Sahoma Lake
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Last week Al emailed me about a lake near Sapulpa, Oklahoma called Sahoma Lake. He thought it looked like it might make a good spot for some group paddling trips. Since Sapulpa is about 45 minutes from my house, I think he may be right! Greg was looking for a new spot to fish, so we decided to make a road trip to Sapulpa.

Just two and a half miles from downtown Sapulpa is a large, well equipped recreation area on two small lakes. The larger of the two is Sahoma Lake and it covers about 340 acres.

Sahoma is an excellent kayaker lake for a number of reasons and a bit of a bummer for one reason. Sapulpa doesn't allow any jet ski or ski boats on either lake, so the only wakes you have to deal with are the ones created by our Oklahoma wind. Sahoma offers RV spaces, tent camping, a heated fishing dock, well equipped picnic areas, restrooms and great little bait store with food, drinks, information, permits and more!

Unfortunately, both lakes require boaters to buy local fishing permits (available at the bait shop). I don't like the hassle of local permits, but it is nice to know that they are using the permit money to stock trout, catfish and hybrid panfish in both lakes.

We didn't find time to paddle Sapulpa's other, smaller lake but I bought a Family Permit so I know we will be back. Pretty Water Lake is well named and apparently they mean to keep the water pretty, because the rule is: No Gas Engines on Pretty Water Lake.

Flatwater Paddling AND Trout Fishing Near Tulsa!

The City of Sapulpa stocks Pretty Water Lake twice a month from October through March with Rainbow and Golden Trout. The rest of the year they stock the lake with Channel Catfish and Hybrid Panfish. Naturally, there are good numbers of bass, turtles, cranes, ducks and other wildlife to enjoy at both lakes. Since Pretty Water Lake spills over into Sahoma Lake (see photo above), both lakes get stocked with some great game fish.

Sapulpa has developed two excellent flatwater resources for Oklahoma paddlers and kayak fishing enthusiasts, both within striking distance of Tulsa. Don't be the last to discover these two gems right off Old Highway 75. More Photos of Sahoma Lake & Pretty Water Lake in Sapulpa.

Got any stories of paddling or fishing this area? We would love to hear about it. Just drop us comment on the Oklahoma Road Trips Blog, anytime!

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yakker said...

I had an awesome time paddling on Sahoma! For such a small lake it really has a lot to offer. A very promising fishing spot with abundant wildlife and beautiful scenery.

I enjoyed looking at the photos you took and exploring the area. I think a major reason for the pristine conditions on Sahoma may be due to the small size and the lack of heavy traffic on the water.

I'm looking forward to getting back on Sahoma and landing the "One that got away"


Thomas said...

Thanks for a great kayak trip, Greg! I enjoyed Sahoma as well. Hopefully, you can catch a stringer full this weekend!

Bill P said...

Just for everyones information you can purchase the permits at the Walmart in Sapulpa or Sand Springs. The bait shop at Sahoma is open from 9-5 Weekdays & Saturday and 9-2 on Sunday. There is, however, not always someone there during these hours and Walmart is always open. Also we have a forum specifically for Kayaking and Kayak fishing. This is a private website with no advertising whatsoever!

Please drop by and visit!

Anonymous said...

Pretty Water Lake is on 86th St. Off hwy 97...

kay a said...

Can you swim?

Thomas Jones said...

The last I heard swimming was not allowed.