Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Salt Creek - Okmulgee's Finest Flatwater Paddling

Sunset on Salt Creek
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Yesterday after work the weather was so mild, I just had to get the kayak wet. I've been paddling at Dripping Springs Lake quite a bit lately because it is so close to my home but the wind has made the water choppy. Since my Dad had been suggesting I try paddling Salt Creek for quite sometime, I decided to give it a try.

Salt Creek

Salt Creek is a deep and narrow creek that runs between Okmulgee's two lakes. There is a nice parking spot and an excellent kayak launch spot right across the road from the Dripping Springs Lake Dam. I paddled from the put-in down to where Salt Creek merges with Lake Okmulgee and then back. I didn't have a GPS but it felt like about 3 miles total. Naturally, there was plenty more water left for paddling, but I wanted to hurry back to the put-in to catch some pictures of the sunset. I think it was worth it.

In my humble opinion, Salt Creek offers the best flatwater, no-current, paddling in Okmulgee County. Salt Creek offers plenty of shade, still waters on a windy day, herons, osprey and other waterfowl all in a long no-wake zone far from the boat racers and jet ski hazards of Lake Okmulgee. Other advantages include plentiful camping and RV facilities at Dripping Springs Lake and Lake Okmulgee and a well paved road that leads to the put-in. Expect to see plenty of beautiful whitetail deer on the road at twilight.

A great spot to canoe or kayak that is just a few miles from my house. In my book, that is a discovery that rivals Columbus!

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