Thursday, October 04, 2007

PaddleDogNation Awards Me a Canoe Paddle

I won a photo contest! Can you believe it? is another online community for flatwater paddling enthusiasts. Although not local in scope, I really dig the funky, fun theme of PaddleDogNation. As you can see in the cap image on this post, they have a really cool logo. Stop by and check out their monthly photo contest. I won a cool wooden canoe paddle... that I just can't wait to use.

I won a Fox Worx Classic Bent Shaft Canoe Paddle from Mountainman Outdoor Supply Company, the September PaddleDogNation Photo Contest sponsor.

In other news: I added a couple new pages to the main site. One is on Okmulgee area paddling and the other page is on Eureka Springs Arkansas paddling.

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