Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Solar Powered Motorized Kayak

Ok, attaching a trolling motor to power small craft like canoes and kayaks is nothing new. In fact, we have a small bayou canoe fitted with a little Minn Kota for boating on lazy days.

Nonetheless, I was shocked to see this: a solar powered, trolling motor driven outrigger kayak!

The outrigger attachment, including the frame, motor, waterproofed battery in the flotation pod compartment, and solar cells with a 120-volt charger retails for a pricey $1100. Kayak sold separately.


yakker said...

OMG - What will they think of next!!!

I'm amazed at what people come up with, but I guess its just a matter of time before someone thought to create a motorized kayak.

Thomas said...

Dianne and I do a lot of paddling upstream looking for new kayaking routes in Oklahoma. I can imagine something like this being handy for longer upriver trips looking for new put-ins and stuff.

However, for the most part I think it is silly. Kayak Sailing THAT is an idea who's time has come, IMHO. Harness the Prairie Wind!

stefan said...

Motorized Kayaks are actually great, but that one wouldn't work too well. First, the solar panels won't even come close to supplying enough power to run that motor. They might extend the run time a little, but that's about it. Also, that Kayak won't steer very well, as the motor is mounted off to one side. To get good performance, the motor has to be mounted on the stern, and you can buy a kit to do that for $425.