Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Don't Lay That Crap on Oklahoma

Former Arkansas Governor, and current presidential candidate, Mike Huckabee spent years fighting attempts by Oklahoma to institute stricter pollution controls to protect their waterways. Huckabee opposed efforts to reduce the amount of phosphorous in the Illinois River that threatened fish populations, changed the color of the water and caused foul taste and odor. Huckabee thinks that any Okie seeking to protect the Illinois River is suffering from a 'Crazed Obsession'.

I hope that Oklahoma voters have the sense to recognize that placing a common shill for Big Business in the White House will only lead to a river of crap for Oklahoma.


Alan Scott said...

Hey, Paddler. It seems now that Huckabee's chances for the White House are pretty slim. Thank God! I thought your article here was very interesting, and glad that you brought it to our attention! Thanks!

Thomas said...

Thanks for taking time to comment, Alan! It looks like it is going to be a real fun-filled campaign.