Thursday, December 06, 2007

Paddling Around the Deep Fork River Bridge

Deep Fork River Bridge
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I have been told that the Deep Fork River bridge pictured here was moved into place around 1928. Originally, it was on Highway 75 between Okmulgee and Henryetta. I think it is cool the way Oklahoma used to recycle bridges

I mentioned yesterday that the Deep Fork River bridge near Nuyaka Creek Winery is a pretty good place to put-in for some flatwater kayaking that muddy old river. What I forgot to mention was that there is a particularly good opportunity for visiting the winery coming up this month.

Mom & Dad will be hosting a Christmas Open House on Thursday, December 20, 2007 from Noon until 6:00 PM. Free home cooking AND Oklahoma wine tasting for all! You can also see the new underground facility Dad has been working on.

The Deep Fork River is an Oklahoma tributary of the North Canadian River. It flows from Oklahoma City and meets the North Canadian River at Lake Eufaula about 200 miles away. It has taken me quite awhile, but I have begun to see more and more glimpses of the beauty that this river hides so well.

At first, I could see nothing at all to love in the almost monochrome redness of the river. However, in time I started to find the gnarled trees, twisted roots and sinister looking logjams as a secret source of dark beauty. It only exposes its sweetest attributes during the magical few hours just after sunrise and just before dawn.

Many Oklahoma Rivers seem prudish in the very same way.

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