Friday, December 14, 2007

A Red State Turns Blue - Frozen Oklahoma

Well Right Here is Your Problem
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The water level is finally up in the Illinois River. With Oklahoma still struggling through our historic power outage and snow in the forecast...I have stopped planning kayaking trips for a bit. I hate being stuck at home, but at least I have power!

Meanwhile, I've been shopping online for 2008 kayaking calendars and other seasonal goodies. I think a new electric generator will be the hit gift of the year here in the Sooner State! Amazon offers an enormous variety of power generators for sale, even if you don't want a generator delivered today you can explore the wide variety of options for home standby power. I'm still struggling to decide between a Portable Generator, RV Generator or Home Standby System.

Once the crisis is over, I can probably hire a local generator expert. I was able to find this lead to a Tulsa company offering home generator installations. Drop us a comment if you know their work or that off other Oklahoma providers!

Clifford Power Systems
9310 East 46th Street North
Tulsa OK 74117
Phone: 918-836-0066
Fax: 918-836-0094

Dianne and I were only without power for two days. Since we bought cellular internet cards, our network was up as long as we could keep our laptop batteries charged. I was pretty worried about my water freezing since our home is all-electric.

We stayed home and kept the house warm using a simple, low cost, propane construction heater. Just clamp one to the top of the propane tank from the BBQ grill and you have a simple heat source.

Of course, you have to be careful using one of these heaters indoors. Bundle up, keep a fresh air source going and only run the burner when you absolutely need it. Poisonous gas build-up has killed far too many Oklahoma folks already.

Stay warm, Oklahoma!


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Thanks for the visit. I hope all is going well with the move.