Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Two Kayaking Spots Near Okmulgee Oklahoma

Clovis Point Fishing Dock
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More Winter Kayaking at Dripping Springs Lake

God Bless Oklahoma's weather roller coaster! In the last few days, we have seen temps as high as 80 degrees...not bad for early February (snow is forecast for tomorrow)! Dianne and I went kayaking at Dripping Springs Lake near Okmulgee on Saturday to celebrate the unexpected fair weather.

I hoped we might be able to paddle up on the pair of bald eagles that we have been seeing lately on the lake. When that didn't pan out, I looked for some nice spots to capture the sunset over Dripping Springs Lake. More shots of Dripping Springs Lake here. We like to park near the fishing dock at Clovis Point on the lake. It can be a breathtaking spot to watch the sunset, but this Saturday wasn't really cloudy enough to suit me.

As a novice photographer, a really don't know how to stage a compelling picture or how to effectively light a subject. This means that if I want to take beautiful pictures (I do), I have to get out and find something beautiful at just the right time when the light is lovely. It is just difficult enough to be an amusing challenge, but not beyond my capability.

I find it to be a nice way to get some exercise that always lifts my spirits.

Monday Afternoon Kayaking on Deep Fork River

After work on Monday, I managed to squeeze in a couple hours of solo paddling on the Deep Fork River.

The easiest, safest Deep Fork River paddling spot that I know is the boat ramp at the Highway 266 Bridge. This boat ramp is the only one I know of on the Deep Fork River. It is brand new area and offers level gravel in the parking area and plenty of deep water for miles upstream and downstream.

It has been tougher for me to take cool pictures of the Deep Fork River. Having grown up on this muddy red river, I think I have become too accustomed to her face! Here is a link to some of my Deep Fork River pictures.

More Okmulgee, Oklahoma area kayaking spots.

Did you manage to squeeze in any paddling during this fine winter weather? Leave us a comment!


Emygal said...

Hey, I happened upon your postings and I'm so thrilled to hear that someone else loves to discover more about the beautiful Deep Fork River... funny thing is some people don't feel that way. Like you said it's definately "muddy water" but it's what I was born an raised to know. I too live in Okmulgee and I have only recently discovered the wonderful adventurous pleasurous kayaking. I have not even started to know kayaking yet but I am very excited to find out more. I can't wait to get started. Hope to hear from you soon, maybe you can help me out with getting me started kayaking. Thanks

Thomas said...

Thanks for your comment, Emygal. Kayaking on Deep Fork is pretty easy, if you own you own kayaking. Sadly, there are no rental kayaks available for this river as far as I know.

Getting started kayaking is as easy as grabbing a recreational kayak and getting out there. We bought our kayaks at Academy Sports and Bass Pro Shop. You can also look at many models and price them online in our Kayak Store.

Ten foot kayaks fit in our vehicle well and have served us effectively on all of our kayaking adventures so far.

However, you probably won't hear from us soon, as you didn't leave us with any contact info in the comment. If you have any specific questions just email us or leave another comment on our Oklahoma Kayaking Blog.

Good luck and happy paddling!