Monday, March 10, 2008

Paddling for Correcting Teen Behavior

A group of at-risk youth had a chance to see the world in a new way on Saturday by paddling kayaks. The kids paddled the Texas coast about two miles through Fish Pass on Mustang Island into the Laguna Madre to an island for lunch.

Growing up on my parent's Oklahoma farm, I never went through the kind of challenges at-risk kids today face. However, kayaking has radically changed my worldview in a number of ways. Programs like those listed below wisely harness the power of the river to open minds and hearts.

Youth Odyssey, an adventure-based therapy program for teens, provided the day as practice for a more than 50-mile paddle through the rapids of the Pecos River next weekend. And that's just a warm-up for a 42-day shock wilderness odyssey this summer that takes seriously at-risk youth to the edge of survival and binds them as a team. -- Mike Baird article at

To learn more about the Youth Odyssey Program. for at risk youth in schools, court appointed programs and within other treatment programs visit: For information about the 42 day therapeutic wilderness program for youth struggling behaviorally or emotionally visit:

Paddling The Guadalupe

Paddling the Wild Neches (Texas A&M Nature Guides)

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BK said...

Reading this entry of yours brought back some memories for me - my first Kayaking experience. I teamed up with a lady then and since we were first time kayaking, we had some coordination problem and our kayak simply didn't move as fast or in the direction that we wanted it to go. In the end, she got seasick and I had to paddle all the way back to the shore. Tiring but very good experience.

Thomas said...

Thanks for the comment, BK!

As much as Dianne and I love kayaking, we share a disdain for tandem kayaks. We rented one of the tiny tamdem SOT kayaks that are commonly available from various Illinois River canoe liveries a few years back.

We nearly beat each other to death with the paddles....and Momma said: never again!