Monday, May 26, 2008

Paddling Salt Creek on Memorial Day

Salt Creek Paddling Group
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The only thing better than spending a holiday kayaking, is getting to do that kayaking with a large group of friends. I would like to thank all of you for turning out for the Oklahoma Flatwater Paddlers trip down Salt Creek to the Hickory Point Area on Okmulgee Lake.

We got a late start, but we were blessed with a few hours of unusually cool temperatures. Also, the wind was mild enough and no one took an unexpected swim...except maybe the dog. As usual, the water in the channel was much less wavy than the wider lake water. The trees are brilliantly green, even on an overcast day like today.

It was great fun meeting so many other paddlers and seeing their colorful array of canoes, kayaks and roof-racking techniques.

After about two hours of fairly light paddling and fairly heavy talking, we headed to the Boomerang Diner for burgers and then out to Nuyaka Creek Winery to meet the family and taste the wine.

Thanks for a fun summer trip, I hope to see you all on the water again soon!

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yakker said...

I can't think of a more perfect way to spend a weekend. Good paddling with good company. Good food and fine wine. It was great to see some familiar faces and meet new ones. Many thanks to everyone and especially those who helped organize. I'm looking forward to many more voyages like this one.