Sunday, June 08, 2008

How Clean Are Oklahoma's Lakes and Rivers?

According to a draft report released last week by state environmental officials, the vast majority of lakes, streams and rivers in Oklahoma do not meet federal water quality standards for pollution. (Source: The News on Six)

94% of Oklahoma's lake acres do not meet water quality standards and this represents an improvement from previous years!

I think that this is a great reason to get our young folks out on the water paddling. In order for people to truly value our outdoor resources, they have to be present and aware of the delicate and beautiful ecosystems that surround them.

An Environmental History of the Illinois River: Agriculture, Urban Development, and Recreation in Northwest Arkansas and Northeastern Oklahoma, 1818-2005

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yakker said...

Thats pretty sad, even if it is an improvement over prior analysis. I've seen the Illinois River in the news quite a bit and feel a bit of sorrow for such a beautiful body of water. I am stoked that there are some of our states water that do meet quality standards and I hope that list grows. Being an avid kayak fisherman I am more than a little bit scared.