Sunday, July 06, 2008

July is Sunset Paddling Season

Finding Peace
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Summer time is here and paddling out into the dawn has gotten pretty tough. I rolled out 6:30am this morning and got on the water within about 30 minutes. Unfortunately, the morning mists had burned off by the time I reached Okmulgee Lake.

On the bright side, sunset paddling is more available than ever. Even on weekdays, there is still time to get the kayaks out on the water for a couple hours of paddling after work. I like to leave the house around 5:30 - 6pm and paddle until just about dark.

Kayaking across the lake gets sweeter as the cool of the summer evening descends. My kayak slides through a liquid rainbow of sunset reflections, boat motors quiet and the chorus is taken up by crickets, frogs and locust. Reflections of trees are mirrored vivid green one moment and stretching out like dark grasping hands the next minute. In one direction the view is a beautiful kaleidoscope of vibrant color and in another the twilight shadows turn surreal just before disappearing.

Of course, you have to be careful of the other boats whenever you are on the lake. I try to paddle as if none of the other boats on the water can see me. I paddle quickly across open water and dawdle when I am near trees and rocky outcroppings or anywhere there is shade. Often, I paddle along the shallow shorelines and up the narrow spider web clogged feeder creeks.

I even saw another kayak out on Dripping Springs Lake this morning. Maybe this paddling thing is starting to catch on!


Bruce said...

Freewine: You probably caught a glimpse of myself or my fishing partner Sunday at Dripping Springs. We were on the water @ 5:30am and headed for Honeydos @ 10:00am. Dan fishes out of an OK Ambush and my ship is a Malibu X-Factor.

Evenings are nice but mornings are better !

Thomas said...

5:30am, wow that is tough! I'm sure I would have to sleep right on the lake shore to make it onto the water that early. I think I will save my sunrise paddling for a little later in the year.

I wished I had stopped for a closer look at your kayaks. My wife is looking into buying a big ol' Malibu kayak in Arkansas this month.

So how was the fishing at Dripping Springs last weekend?

Bruce said...

Thomas: I live just a mile from the lake so give a ring when you are headed out this way. If your wife thinke she would like the X-Factor she is more than welcome to paddle mine around out here at the lake. They are now being discounted as the "new" X-13 goes into production. I think anyone that paddles flat water would like the longer ship. Bruce (918)756-3757

Thomas said...

Thanks, Bruce! I'll definately give you a call, soon. Thomas Jones