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Lake Bixhoma by Kayak

Lake Bixhoma by Kayak
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Bixhoma Lake is just off Highway 64 near the small village of Leonard, Oklahoma. It is a small, fairly clear, no-wake lake with no camping or facilities to speak of. Offering a mere 3 miles of shoreline and 110 surface acres, the lake is strictly for quiet boats.

Quiet little Bixhoma Lake is only a short drive from South Tulsa. If you are a Tulsa kayaker looking to get your new boat wet someplace safe, Bixhoma is a pretty good choice. Lake hours are Monday through Saturday from 6am-10pm. It is also quite near Haskell, Oklahoma which happens to be the home of two Oklahoma wineries: Stone Bluff Cellars & Lavendar Hill Farm & Winery.

Paddling Lake Bixhoma today was lovely. The water was still as glass when we first launched and a breeze developed just as the temps started to get hot. The ridge line that surrounds the lake was vivid green with a mixture of hardwood trees. The park only has a couple picnic tables and an outhouse. We saw a family of three fishing from a tiny Bass Scamp and a lone man float fishing in a tube on our visit other than that we had the lake to ourselves on this cool summer morning.

The late summer water level was too low to paddle very far up the feeder creek for Lake Bixhoma. However, as we drove down Highway 64 toward Leonard, I could not help but notice Snake Creek.

Snake Creek looked fairly wide and deep enough for paddling when we drove across the Highway 64 bridge, but I did not see any place to park and launch the kayaks.

Any folks out there who know where you can launch a boat onto Snake Creek outside of Bixby, Oklahoma?

More details on our Lake Bixhoma webpage.

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Anonymous said...

Go down to the athletic park (located just SE of downtown Bixby) and launch your boat from there. You might have to carry your craft down the ledge a little ways, but just look for the bathroom unit.. head ~20 feet SE of it.. that'll be your best spot to get down.

Once your launched on the Arkansas, I assume that you could work your way up to the mouth of snake creek. This depends if the river is up and how hard it is flowing. You WILL be working up stream, but you should be fine near the shore. From there you could work backwards up the creek. It will take you ~ 3 miles before it fades out.

Then, all ya gotta do is turn around and enjoy the trip back. Watch out for snakes though! I've had water moccasins come up right next to me.

Also, watch out for the homeless man that lives under the Snake Creek bridge. I haven't seen him in a couple years but you never know when he might come back. His name is Crystal and he claims that he's from the moon. We used to hang out and chat with him - really nice guy, just completely nuts.