Friday, September 05, 2008

The End of The Illinois River User Fee Wristband

This summer will be the last year that the Oklahoma Scenic Rivers Commission will charge floaters a user fee! Since 1984, floaters have been required to pay user fees to float the river and its tributaries. Personally, I didn't mind paying the buck, but wearing the wristband was an annoyance I will happily do without.

The change came about when Senator Jim Wilson of Tahlequah, successfully sought passage of Senate Bill 1381. Provisions of Senate Bill 1381 terminate the $1.00 User Fee charged to floaters, effective on January 1, 2009. Kudos to Senator Wilson!

Another great bit of info I picked up from the Oklahoma Scenic Rivers Commission website is this:

Wearing life jackets saves lives. The common factor among all the drownings this year was that none of the victims were wearing life jackets. - RIVER CURRENTS (Volume 5 Issue 2), 8/2/2008 PDF

I always wear a Kayaking PFD every time that I paddle in the Illinois River or any of the other streams and lakes in Oklahoma.