Friday, December 05, 2008

Off Season Mountain Fork River Paddling

Paddling The Chute
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This Fall, Dianne and I were asked to help the folks from the Chevy Outdoors Sporting Journal do an article on kayaking the Lower Mountain Fork River in Broken Bow, Oklahoma.

Those of you who know me, also know that the LMF River is my favorite spot for Oklahoma kayaking. I was eager for a trip to Broken Bow, so when they offered to 'pay the freight', it was a deal that was too good to refuse.

They sent a writer up from Texas and a pair of photographers down from Detroit and we all spent an exhausting five hours on the four-mile whitewater section of the Mt. Fork River. The photographers piloted a canoe down the river without incident, but the writer got an unexpected opportunity to practice self-rescue. He fell off of his rented SOT kayak passing through the Rock Garden. Considering the huge amount of high-end camera gear in the photographer's canoe, I am glad it was the writer who got to swim!

Kayaking in Broken Bow, Oklahoma is awesome just about anytime of year, but I prefer it in the so-called off-season. We enjoyed an excellent water level and encountered no crowds. The air was cool enough for us to stay out all day, but warm enough for them to spend a lot of time in the water trying to get the perfect picture. I hope they had as much fun on this Southeastern Oklahoma road trip as Dianne and I did. Next time, I'll bet that writer gets a kayak with a spray skirt for this river!

You can see an excerpt from the article and a few pictures on the Chevy Outdoors Sporting Journal website.

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