Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Texas Water Adventures in May and June

Southwestern Kayaking Get Ready for Canoe Racing Season

The Texas Water Safari (June 13-17, 2009) is a long, hot, tough, nonstop, marathon canoe racing adventure for teams. The course traverses 260 miles of challenging rivers and bays! Teams may not receive any assistance of any kind except verbal, so you must pack in everything you will need. You must be prepared to travel day and night, nonstop to be competitive, but teams who occasionally stop for sleep have been able to reach mandatory checkpoint cutoff times and cross the finish line by the 100 hour deadline.

Sound too tough? I agree! There is no way I would attempt to endure the Texas Water Safari without trying my team's luck at the preliminary race, Texas Water Marathon, first. The season is cooler, the water levels are likely to be higher and the distance is much shorter. If you do plan to paddle the Safari, wear your PFD. There is a new PFD rule this year, so watch yourself, know your rescue techniques and wear a lifejacket.

Texas River Marathon at 9am on Saturday May 2, 2009

The Texas River Marathon is a 45-mile race from Cuero Highway 236 to Victoria City Park. This is the preliminary race of the Texas Water Safari. Location: Cuero, Tx - Hwy 236 (Under Bridge) Fee: $25/person if registered by April 24, 2009 or $35/person race day registration. http://www.texaswatersafari.org/

More paddling in Texas

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