Thursday, April 02, 2009

We Got Water, Now Get a Kayak

Rivers all over the area are running fast and high. Good news, if you are one of the unlucky folks like myself who are NOT going to be paddling the Buffalo River this weekend with the local flatwater paddling group. Did that sound bitter? Seriously, this is the primo time of year to paddle the Buffalo National River. Get there while the water is fast and the redbuds are in bloom, don't wait for summer.

The North Canadian River, the Illinois River, Deep Fork, just about every river in my area is benefiting from the surprise snowfall last weekend. So get out there and paddle something quick before it all flows away! Don't have your kayak yet? There is a kayak demo day in Dallas this month and Dave Lindo at OKC Kayak has a ready supply of great kayaks you can try out. My favorite kayak features are: ten or twelve foot length, foot pegs, comfy seat, deck webbing, and capacity of at least 200lbs.

Dallas REI Store Paddle Demo Day will be held April 11, 2009 at White Rock Lake.
Try out the latest canoes, kayaks and accessories for free! Time: 11 am - 3 pm. Test boats to see how they handle and get paddling tips from REI staff and vendors at free paddling clinics. Take home a coupon for 15% off a boat.

Of course, if you are not ready to buy a kayak yet, you can always rent a kayak instead. Just get out there and paddle some sunsets.

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