Saturday, June 06, 2009

Chronic Summer Wanderlust

Although our recent trip to the Illinois River was great, it really got me itching to paddle some new waters. Reading other bloggers talking about their awesome summer road trips is just making it worse. I was reading the Gliding Calm blog this morning. The author is traveling across the US, while working toward sticking to her rather strict diet (she is a chia seed dieter like me). As she visits state after state, I am struggling to find time to hit a few paddling spots right in my neighborhood! Thankfully, this month we will be visiting the Upper Mt. Fork River for the first time.

Speaking of the Mountain Fork River, I hear through Twitter that Broken Bow's Lower Mountain Fork River is back open for canoe and kayak float trips and trout fishing. This is great news, the LMF River is our favorite Oklahoma paddling location. According to American Whitewater's site: The Tulsa Wave is running and Arkansas' Saline River at Dierks Lake is kicking up some great whitewater. Happy paddling!


madeira said...

those chia seed some amazing - are the claims true? have you felt the benefits?

Thomas said...

Not being diabetic, I can't speak to the effects on blood sugar. However, I am enjoying much improved regularity without the gas I was getting from fiber capsules.

I also enjoy the way they add bulk to my foods without adding calories. It makes it easier to switch to smaller portions. Since I don't eat fish very often, I am glad to get a rich source of Omega-3 acids without the hassles of flax.

Narconon said...