Sunday, July 26, 2009

Grave Creek Kayaking at Sunrise

Yakker and I encountered strange mists during our morning of kayaking on Grave Creek in McIntosh County, Oklahoma. As the sun began to peek through the leafy green canopy of treetops, it created tiny, swirling, white tornados. The thin columns of white mists spiraled upward like smoky spirits, rising into the heavens on golden beams of morning sunlight.
Grave Creek is an excellent spot for flatwater paddling at sunrise. It also offers a great little parking area and boat ramp access to Lake Eufaula near the Deep Fork River arm of the lake. Read more and check out my latest pictures on our Grave Creek kayaking page.
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yakker said...

Tom, That was an awesome voyage. Grave Creek has alot to offer the explorer in every kayaker. The deep canyon like walls were a slate labyrinth with various wildlife and fowl and on the lower end the creek delta into the lake reminded me of mangrove swamps. Greg

Thomas said...

I agree! What do you think about visiting with a group for a Halloween paddling trip down Grave Creek?

I'd like to revisit Grave Creek in higher water conditions. It is my understanding there is another bridge up the creek a bit farther North of Hitchita.

yakker said...

That is the perfect Halloween haunted creek paddle. The tendrils of mist rising may be mistaken for ghosts!!!