Saturday, August 22, 2009

Shady Flatwater on a Cool Morning

Salt Creek on Okmulgee Lake I slipped out onto Salt Creek of Okmulgee Lake to enjoy an unexpectedly cool and cloudy late Summer morning. It turned out to be time well invested. Launch your kayaks somewhere this weekend, my friends! The weather is too sweet to waste. I saw several of the Oklahoma Flatwater Paddlers were out to enjoy Salt Creek this morning as well. The light was very interesting on the creek today.

Speaking of the OFP, I hear Al is striking deep into Missouri territory to paddle this weekend, we couldn't join him, but I think we may try to make a quick run to Pineville, MO on Sunday. The Elk River in Pineville is too close to Oklahoma to be ignored. A fun bit of moving water with gravel banks, the Elk River should be on your annual schedule for recreational kayaking. Yakker even suggested he might be able to join us!

It is great to be able to link up with friends for kayaking, but if you want to paddle early in the are likely to be paddling alone quite a bit. When I am kayaking alone, I like to stick to safer-than-usual waters. My wife sleeps better when I am not out risking life and limb. The Salt Creek channel into Okmulgee Lake offers four seasons of shady, sheltered, quiet, Oklahoma flatwater that rarely disappoints me with its beauty. Try not to kill your vehicle on the access road. It is very rough, so take it real slow and leave your lowrider in the garage for this trip!

Salt Creek is low, but the Deep Fork River, the Arkansas River and The North Canadian River are rolling pretty fast in our area. I have to get rolling myself, Dianne wants to head to Tulsa and visit her favorite new restaurant for Philippine cuisine. If I play my cards right, I might be able to get in some bowling!
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